Yacht Management

Yacht management, service, registration and administration

You should enjoy the beautiful moments in life while we take care of the rest.

As a yacht owner you should be sure that we take care of every detail and protect your investment.

The requirements in yacht management are becoming more and more complex due to the different standards and regulations.

You do not want to personally take care of the issues. We do that for you!

We ensure that the legal requirements are met and, in collaboration with lawyers and tax advisers, we also offer you special legal, tax, financial and insurance advice.

Our service team looks after a smooth flow throughout the year and ensures that your yacht is in perfect and safe condition.

All services can be booked either as a package or individually as desired. We always offer solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs and your yacht.

Technical Management

Every yacht is only as good as its care.

Our professional service team at Ibiyachts reliably takes care of maintenance, repairs, inspections, monitoring and cleaning. We also ensure that the yacht meets all necessary technical regulations and requirements. Our range of services includes:

  • Permanent monitoring and control
  • Preventive maintenance service
  • Preparation and monitoring of maintenance plans for the equipment of the yacht and engines
  • Repairs, winter refit, dry dock
  • Budgets and cost control
  • Worldwide purchase of technical spare parts, oils and consumables
  • Control of mandatory checks and yacht certificates
  • Assistance in the event of breakdowns and emergency repairs.
  • Our technical team is available 24/7, and consists of experienced naval experts who have considerable experience in the yachting industry
  • Compliance with technical regulations and other international maritime regulations

Charter management

Ibiyachts is your partner when it comes to successful, commercial rental of your yacht. For many yacht owners, it is not possible to use their yacht as often as they would like. Providing the yacht to selected charter customers is a great way to keep the boat running smoothly while generating revenue.

We are happy to take care of the entire handling of the charter business taking into account the time you want to be on board.

Crew management

The selection of a professional and experienced team is an important element in yacht management.

We have the right crew for your yacht, so you can enjoy your stay on board to the fullest.

Registration and certification

Your yacht and its certification must meet the requirements for charter or private yacht activities, taking into account the flag state and the base port.

The certification varies depending on the yacht size, number of guests and crew, flag state and charter status. Yacht inspections by port authorities or flag state, customs officials, coast guard and insurance companies are steadily rising. Ibiyachts advises you on the right certificates and ensures for you and your yacht that all requirements are met.

Ibiyachts works with a network of internationally experienced nautical lawyers and yacht registration experts.

In collaboration with them, we would like to inform you about the best solutions for you and your yacht, such as the advantages of buying your yacht with a corporate structure or as a private property.