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The Riva shipyard was established in 1842 on Lake Iseo in Sarnico in Italy. A devastating storm severely damaged a large number of boats of local fishermen and prompted the young and newly-arrived boat builder Pietro Riva to offer help, working wonders in rebuilding and repairing most of the boats.

This was the beginning of the Riva Yachts legend and that of its founder. The first boats, which were characterized by style and personality, were developed and the brand quickly gained respect and recognition. Between 1920 and 1930, Serafino Riva, Pietro’s grandson, focused on power boating and produced racing boats that won prizes in national and international competitions.

1949 Serafino´s oldest son, Carlo Riva, took over the shipyard and started to build yachts in reference to American Chris Craft open style yachts. Carlo was driven by boundless passion for boats and his family business since he was a child. Riva by then had become the synonym of elegance, status and perfection and its unique yachts an object of desire for aristocrats and celebrities.

In September 1969 Carlo Riva sold the shipyard, maintaining his role of general manager from which he resigned in 1971, putting in place his brother-in-law, Gino Gervasoni. In 2000 the Italian yacht builder Ferretti Group took over Riva, carrying on the legacy of Pietro Riva following his vision.

The classic Riva Yachts consisted of the elegant wooden hull with seamless, deep red mahogany planking. Plenty of chrome, panoramic windows, a classic dashboard with white steering wheel, white leather armchairs and a padded reclining area are classic design features. Today, Riva continues to offer high-quality pleasure crafts and luxury yachts in various sizes with hulls made from fiberglass.

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  • Riva 76 Perseo Super

    The Riva 76 Perseo Super is a perfect combination of innovative technology on one hand, and of passion for tradition and attention to detail on the other.

  • Riva 76 Bahamas Super

    The yacht with the spirit of both an open and a coupe is back, offering a host of new features in terms of digital innovation, functionality, and storage.

  • Riva 68 Diable

    A sleek profile and stylish details infuse the trendsetting Riva 68 Diable yacht with a fashion-driven spirit.

  • Riva 66 Ribelle

    The Riva 66 Ribelle embodies the distinctive traits of its shipyard’s heritage while also incorporating numerous innovative elements.

  • Riva 56 Rivale

    The Riva 56 Rivale stands as a premier open cruiser, captivating with its innovative design elements and alluring style.

  • Riva Dolceriva

    Riva Dolceriva, a Riva built in the brand’s historic lakefront hometown of Sarnico, Italy, with an attention to design detail that borders on obsessive.

  • Riva Rivamare

    The Riva Rivamare is a shining gem in the Riva collection, alongside other yachting masterpieces like the Riva Aquariva Super and Riva Aquarama.

  • Riva Aquariva Super

    The Riva Aquariva Super was created to carry on the legacy of a classic, the Riva Aquarama, and does so with panache.

  • Riva Iseo

    Riva Iseo. The roots of the Riva legend resound in her name, but this elegant 27-foot runabout is more modern and contemporary than ever.

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