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Pershing Yachts: uniting high performance with minimalistic opulence

Pershing Yachts was set up in 1985, a year of fertile ground for visionaries. It was the year the internet was presented, cell phones were launched and the first Pershing motor yacht was born.

A luxury Speedboat envisioned by Tilli Antonelli, Fausto Tilippetti, and Giuliano Onori and designed by Fulvio de Simoni, as high-performing as a powerboat, but as comfortable and spacious as a motor yacht. The Pershing 45 came to life, the beginning of a true revolution that spawned many vain attempts to copy it since then.

In 1998 Pershing Yachts joined Ferretti Group, creating a foundation for tremendous growth. In 2012 Weichai Group turned into the main stockholder of Ferretti Group, which provided the corporation with financial strength, know-how, and strategic vision.

As of today, Pershing is an icon in the history of the yachting industry and one of the leading shipyards on a global level.

The brand became a reference for beauty, style, and Italian fashionability, thanks to the many designs chosen in the past that arose from the desire to always be at the forefront and ahead of the times. Pershing´s homely style, impressive speed, and functional and beautiful design are now consolidated concepts.

Every buyer of a Pershing will enjoy technological advances and brilliant innovations that set new standards in terms of performance and comfort. This is one of the reasons why the brand has made a lasting impact on the global yachting industry.

In a nutshell, Pershing stands for technical revolution, innovations that have made history, and designs that have changed the world of navigation. Ibiyachts is official Pershing Dealer for Ibiza & Formentera! Please contact us for more information on any model as well as brokerage.



All Models
  • Pershing GTX116

    Embark on a groundbreaking voyage aboard the Pershing GTX116, a 35-meter super yacht breaking conventional boundaries

  • Pershing GTX80

    Pershing GTX80, a new standard in exhilaration and pleasure, with the highest level of comfort on board.

  • Pershing 140

    The Pershing 140 is not just the shipyard's first aluminum super yacht; it also stands as the flagship for the superyacht division.

  • Pershing 9X

    With advanced materials and engines, the Pershing 9X merges the thrill of Pershing with “X Generation” excellence for an unparalleled experience.

  • Pershing 8X

    Lightweight, fast, and hyper-performing, the Pershing 8X boasts spacious and welcoming spaces and a new propulsion system.

  • Pershing 7X

    The Pershing 7X captures the essence of Pershing in a flawless, compact form, epitomising lightness, speed, and performance in every detail.

  • Pershing 6X

    Bold and daring, the Pershing 6X epitomises the Pershing predatory spirit with its sleek and agile form and advanced technology.

  • Pershing 5X

    The Pershing 5X is the pioneer of the “Generation X” series, a bold coupé with extreme performance and technological advancement.

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