Riva Privée

The Riva Lounge at

Restaurant Molo 47

Riva and Formentera represent freedom, good taste, elegance and glamour. Both are worldwide considered a yachting referent and Formentera now has joined the select club of Riva Lounge Privées that already have a place at, among others, the Monaco Yacht Club, the Gritti Hotel in Venice or Riva Lounge in Palm Beach. The idea and conception of a place able to transmit Riva’s spirit, could only be done by an experienced maker, a man that knows how to provide the enjoyment of exclusivity. We introduce you to Riva Privée Formentera, hosted by Chef Antonio d’Angelo at Molo 47. The Riva Privée in Formentera in a short period of time has become an essential place in the Balearics.

Molo 47

Molo 47 is located in Formentera´s harbour “La Savina”, on the northwest coast of the island, and has been conceived for yachting lovers and those who want to enjoy a luxurious and leisurely experience. Both, the interior and exterior design, combine Formentera’s traditional architecture with the sinuous lines that shape Riva’s designs, where natural light bathes aquamarine finishes and selected materials as resins, tissues and woods enhance nautical inspiration. As a result, visitors will be immersed in the essence of the italian Dolce Vita lifestyle. Last but not least, Molo 47 has, for those who want to reach this hotspot by yacht, a 30 meters mooring at the entire disposal of its client´s, right in front of the venue. Guests are welcomed when getting of board and accompanied to their table with style.

The restaurant offers a menu inspired by two of the most appreciated cuisines, Italian and Japanese, and benefits from top quality ingredients, enhanced by d’Angelo’s expert hands. Born in Campania and raised in Lombardy, young chef Antonio D’Angelo has an eclectic professional background which, over time, has further improved his extensive knowledge of the world of cooking and its dynamics. He develops dishes that are created with an interesting mix of simple ingredients, yet offer a surprising tasting experience.

Riva experience

To understand why the brand Riva has become a myth and to live the complete experience, we suggest to discover the Riva Privée Formentera starting aboard the Riva Venere 75, an elegant 23 meter yacht with everything you need to make your stay unforgettable. Dive into the luxury world of the Italian shipbuilder, on board of this luxurious yacht and at one of the most prestigious venues in Formentera, the Riva Privée. Our charter team is at your entire disposal to organize your stay on board, whether it be for one or several days and to organize your visit to the Riva Privée in Formentera. Feel free to contact us for more information.